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Why This Page Exists is difficult to navigate, and as far as I can tell you can’t even open the product menu without javascript enabled. I constantly find myself using search engines to actually find the pages for things I want. Here I’ll link the .org, .com, and wiki links for products, for my own convenience, and perhaps yours. I’ll also link the chat rooms and other feeds.

I make no commitments to keep this page up to date, and will do so as I feel like it. Still, if something is missing, feel free to tell me. I’ll update the page if I’ve got time!

Primary Websites



Pine64 has forums, reddit, and the chat rooms. The chat rooms are bridged between Discord, IRC, Matrix, and Telegram, so you can access them however you want.


Single Board Computers


Phones and Tablets


Compute Modules


IP Cameras

Soldering Irons

Power Supplies