Nix RFC 0098: Community Team

Nix RFC 0098 was submitted to the Nix community recently. In its own words at the time of this post, it aims to “establish an official community team to model social norms, mediate interpersonal problems, and make moderation decisions”.

The full text can be found here:

We had no part in the creation or publication of this document. We believe it speaks for itself, so this post will not restate its position, and we will keep our editorialization brief:

We support this effort and this document. We believe acceptance of this RFC would be a very important step for the Nix community, and would provide a good precedent for other communities like it.

We believe this document presents an approach to mediation and moderation that is sustainable and empathetic. It is aware of the limitations of people and the inherent messyness of communication and collaboration. It provides guiding principles, rather than prescriptive rules that attempt to foresee all futures and preempt them. It stands for a future we want to see realized, across communities beyond just Nix.

To anyone involved in the Nix community, we urge you to read this document to the extent you are able, join the conversation, and support it if you believe in it too.

To those uninvolved, we believe it is worth reading regardless, for the principles it represents.